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The first Crypto Crowdfunding platform
with blockchain law firm.

StarTy is the revolutionary crowdfunding platform dedicated to investments in startups and companies through cryptocurrencies and blockchain with the legal security of the blockchain industry.

Through starty startups will be able to take off thanks to crypto investiment, a sector in net development and with incomparable capital.

You will find startups that within the platform will have tools to build the team from scratch able to eventually find their investment*, investors who can analyze teams, mvp, documents and strategy, and finally the blockchain law firm that will assist the two parties from the creation of the ICO until the sale of the Tokens and the legal verification of the capital partners.

What about tokens? Put them in staking by earning APYs through one of the most important blockchain, the Binance Smart Chain.

Investing in startups
has never been so fast, convenient and safe.

StarTy offers you the best investment service in startups and companies.

Instant transactions

Whatever it is will be sent in seconds thanks to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Get or send capital quickly and easily.

Almost zero payment fees

With starty commission costs are around a few cents whatever the amount invested thanks to the Binance Smart Chain.

Certify documents on Ethereum

All investment documents will be certified on the unmodifiable Ethereum Blockchain network.

Blockchain legal aid

With starty, you won’t have to worry about anything. You will always be followed by blockchain legal professionals in all blockchain and investment processes. And you can pay in cryptocurrencies!

Need help?

We have legal services dedicated to you.

Who’s the StarTy App for?

Startup or company

Give solidity to your idea.

Share all the information of your startup or company to potential investors.

Create and present your pitch day online.

Get investments quickly and easily.


Find startups to invest in.

Analyze all startup data while reducing investment risk.

Invest in Startups with very low commissions through your cryptocurrency portfolio and a legal aid.

Certify your investment in the unmodifiable blockchain network.

Earn APY through tokens purchased from the investment.

Investment fund

Easily create a multifirma wallet. Significantly reduce investment costs.

It increases the number of investors within the investment fund.

This increases the number of investments and the respective figures.

Advantages with StarTy

FOR startup

Create your startup page.

Get the team together.

Enter the documents necessary for the investor’s analysis.

Inform your network through corporate posts.

Create your pitch day on StarTy and present the startup online in front of your network of investors.

Get your investment in seconds.

Legal and technical assistance 24/7.

Get your investment easier.


Create your own investment wallet.

Easily find startups to add to your portfolio

Discover the team behind the startups.

Download the documents needed to evaluate your investment such as business plan, pitch deck, strategy or income statement.

Legal assistance throughout the transaction process.

Fill out the builder documents and invest in the startup you believe in through the acquisition of tokens thanks to cryptocurrencies.

Certify your investment within the Blockchain network.

Earn cryptocurrencies staking your tokens.

Almost no commissions.


Create a multisign wallet.

Approve the entry of new investors.

Increase your investment budget.

Perform multiple investment transactions.

Further reduce commission and service costs.

Manage your investment approval.

Legal and technical assistance 24/7.

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